Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Independence Day

We were invited to a friend's lake house to celebrate Independence Day this year. What a blast! We spent the day enjoying the lake, the perfect weather and great company. We swam, went out on the wave runner, took the kids on the conoe and the paddle boat and went tubing! We had a fantastic dinner and watched some amazing fireworks!
Getting used to the water with daddy's help
Showing off her "Minja turtle" life jacket
Maddy was in LOVE with jumping off the dock!
Off she goes!
 She's getting so big! She'd paddle back to Jospeh and then do it all over again.
Ben liked the set up because he could wade into the warm water without waves crashing on him, or the bottom dropping from underneath him.
About to take the kids out on the paddle boat!!
Having a great time together
Poor Ben, tired and hungry!
After we filled up on hotdogs, watermelon and other goodies, we were ready for fireworks!
Ben's first time with a sparkler... I. was. Scared.
Daddy showing the kids how its done!
He's got the hang of it now!
I'm not too sure how impressed Sarah was...
Maddy waved it around like a crazy girl. Are we surprised? Nope.
Getting ready for the real firework show
We got to watch two firework shows. The one that White Lake puts on across the lake, and the one our friends were putting on. What a great night!
Roman candles while we wait
Mommy and Sarah enjoying the show
Of course I didn't catch the truely awesome ones, but let me just say it was the best firework show I've witnessed.
Maddy plugged her ears the entire time, but hey, she stayed for all of the fireworks. Usually Joseph has to take her inside. WIN!!
"I loved them!!" She declared
Ben was scared, he buried his head into my chest and fell asleep
Their happy dance.
What a great time we had!  We look forward to next year!
 I love celebrating the day we declared Independence, and I am very grateful to all who have given their lives as well as those who are sacrificing today for our freedom.

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